7 Ways To Find A Tenant

One of the biggest fears a new landlord has is the fear of not being able to find someone good to rent your property. The bigger fear here is that you will be stuck with an empty property and you will have to pay the expenses (mortgage, utilities, etc.).

Here are 7 ways to get potential renters through your door. The more feet through the door the more chance you have of finding someone worthy of renting your property out for the next 12 months.

So to break it down:

1) “For Rent” sign in front of your property
– Friend in South Carolina with row houses that this works perfect for. Not 24 hours go by without a flood of appointments
– Must have the traffic for this to work (busy street, neighborhood, etc.)
– Depends on market but low cost to test

2) Ad in newspaper
– May be less costly than rental websites
– Depends on market
– Usually goes out in print and online
– Depends on readership of newspaper

3) Ad on Craigslist
– Free
– Agents are doing this Pro
– Agents are doing this Con
– May want to use a different number

4) Tell A Friend
– A friend may know someone who is looking for a place
– Post to Facebook if you feel comfortable

5) Post at work
– Company internal website
– You know these people have a job
– I have gotten traffic this way

6) Ad in rental websites
– My most effective method
– Where majority of serious renters go
– Do get no-shows
– Compete with bigger companies

7) All of the above
– Mix may be best especially when starting out
– Test each area and narrow down to what is working best
– May be able to save money if newspaper and rental website is not working

I hope that helps you on your land lording journey!

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